Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Ragtones , Hemmingbirds, Mendelssohn, Shy Technology Lincoln Hall Wed March 16

This is a Betta Promotions show (their shows always seem great don't they?) featuring some really cool bands.  I am a huge Hemmingbirds fan. Their album Death Wave was my 2nd most listened to album of last year.  Yoo Soo and Tim from Hemmingbirds were gracious enough to sit for an interview with me braving my 3 yr old and 2 year old.  Watch below.  I have only seen Hemmingbirds play so this will be a great chance to see The Ragtones, Mendelssohn, and Shy Technology.  Check their music out and the see them do it live this Wednesday at Lincoln Hall! Only $8 for 4 bands.  It's an 18 and over show. Come on out and support some great bands.  Follow the bandcamp player for Death Wave below to a name your price, $0 minimum (FREE if you so chose).


Pinto and the Bean said...

The Ragtones put on a really good show as well. This should be a fun night.

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