Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dedicated Ears Showcase at Lilly's on Sat 12.15.12

For this installment Tom Schraeder and I each pick two bands to come up with this cool line up this Saturday the 15th at Lilly's . It will be a $6 cover, 21+ to enter, and 1st act at 8:30. Gavin and Maggie (Bears Of Blue River),  Teenage Rage,  Sarah Holtshlag and D.O.C (featuring members of His Ego and inchworm) will be playing Saturday. I have been fortunate enough to have Sarah, Gavin and Maggie an  Teenage Rage play show for me before so I can attest that this will be a really good show. Thanks again to Tom and Lilly's for making these great shows possible. Thanks to the bands playing this show as well! Be sure to check out other shows at Lilly's, as Tom is booking there now!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Show Preview: Lobo Marino, Bowl Of Dust, The Odd Folk 12.12.12 at Yellow Book Chicago

Come on out on Dec 12 to Yellow Book (1007 N California) to see Virginia based Lobo Marino. I have featured them on Dedicated Ears compilation album on Bandcamp and will have their wonderful album Kite Festival on my year end list. On said album is one of the most infectious hooks you'll hear in their song "Golden Flea".  Also on the bill will be Chicago's Bowl Of Dust and Odd Folk. I'm really looking forward to seeing all three bands. Starts at 8 so don't be late. Official show page HERE for details!

From he official release for this show :
  • If you'd like, arrive early to participate in a healing meditation circle to summon Divine Feminine Goddess Energy and open up the night.

    Potluck foods are encouraged and appreciated! Get creative with your inner Momma-Daddy and show some hospitality for the touring bands!

1007 N. California Ave.Chicago, Illinois 60622