Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mutts CD Release, Glittermouse EP Release, Sleepy Kitty and Hemmingbirds Thur Dec 1 Subterranean

Thanks to August at Novo and to Mutts for the invite. This was a loud fun show full of energy and the house was pretty full and very energetic .  Sleepy Kitty's  indie blues pop  sound was pretty catchy and a band you should check out. Glittermouse also released an ep and played a really nice se as they played a brand of prog indie music that was driven by 3 guitars. you should check out their  ep series that they released this year. Hemmingbirds never disappoints and played a few songs from the new album they are working on. They seem to get tighter and tighter. Always enjoy talking with them. Finally Mutts closed out the show playing a bunch of songs from the new album due out very soon. The album is really good and adds some new sound elements to the Mutts musical oeuvre. I will be doing a review very soon. Always a good time talking with Mike and the band. You can buy a vinyl of his new album, info is on his FB page. There are always so many musicians at Mutts shows and it's fun to talk to all of them. Unfortunately I don't have the best memory, and beer doesn't help matters. So hi to all of them. It was a great time and I would suggest seeing all of these bands.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Goldroom - "All Thumbs" video !!!

Good friends in Nashville based The Goldroom have a new video for their song "All Thumbs". The song is off their new album The Surrounding Hours, you can see my review of that cool album HERE. The video was shot by Ernie Gray. It's a very solid looking video that was cut well. I enjoy it quite a bit. Linked below is the Bandcamp link you can purchase their album at.