Friday, September 23, 2011

The GoldRoom - The Surrounding Hours (LadyLovelyLabel)

Hailing from Nashville , The GoldRoom play a brand of indie rock that is reminiscent of early 90's Sacramento scene (Deftones) that featured off kilter guitar driven rock with ambient leanings. Also in the mix is the melodic sense of Dave Grohl.  There are some nice dissonant touches like on "New Drifter" that give these songs some depth and leaves a rough around the edges sound that I think pays off in spades.  Wish more bands would leave some of those rough touches in as I think they convey what it must be like to see the band live. "All Thumbs" is a  funk fueled track that would make Living Colour proud. "My Darling" is an instrumental track that is most progressive sounding of the bunch that does a slow smolder throughout.  I have had this album on repeat for a while now and it most likely will appear on my year end list. Maybe I can sponsor them on a bill when they come play here!

The GoldRoom are Shane Ball, Darin Ledford, Kevin Torbett and  Joey Campbell. They gig out quite a bit in the Nashville area see them live!