Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jump Starts - What Hides Inside (The Loud Label)(Record Release Show Off Broadway Nov 10)

St. Louis combo Jump Starts are back with the new LP, What Hides Inside (The Loud Label), which finds the duo seamlessly integrating their vocal interplay and minimalist pop expertise to create a clean sounding infectious batch of songs with varied musical influences.

So if you are asking is there anything different on this album than their debut album? Yes. The mid tempo country tinged "Written On Water" is a natural progression for their sound to take, and that sound comes easily for the duo.

There is also a bit harder edge on the post punk track "Last Time" which incorporate some of Justin's other band, Pretty Little Empire. It's great to hear that sound with Sarah singing the duel vocals.

The normal Jump Starts infectious hook pop songs are here in abundance, namely the head bobbing "Don't Need Much" which highlights how comfortable Sarah and Justin are with each others abilities. They have really made that vocal interplay the heart of what their music is.

Love the Latin flavored "Lord Who Knows". The guitar work and drumming is very effective. 

The overall sound on What Hides inside has added new musical flavors, country, Latin and post punk, without losing the tight identity that this Jump Starts duo has crafted. The hooks are always there with Justin's songs. This I can attest to as I have been lucky enough to hear some of his songs just after he has recorded them on his iphone. So that melody part is a given with Justin's songwriting. What Sarah and Justin have done is take that melody as a base and forge a sound where they each have even footing, the effect of which is evident with how memorable these songs are. 

Thanks to Jump Starts for sending this along to me! Look for this album on Dedicated Ears year end list.

For St. Louis folks, they will be having an album(vinyl) release show this Sat at Off Broadway. Don't miss it. Info HERE.

Recorded and mixed at R&R music Labs in St. Louis MO
 The Loud Label. An independent label in St. Louis.
 Mixed by Ryan Lewis and mastered by Ryan Albritton
extra musicians on album listed on songs Melinda Cooper - Electric Bass on "Stuck" "What Hides Inside" "Last Time" and "Don't Need Much William Godfred - Lead Guitar on "Last Time" Curtis Brewer - Lead Guitar on "Lord Who Knows" Slide Guitar on "Written on The Water" and Banjo on "There You Are" Jay Lewis - Upright Bass on "Carryin' on and Written on the Water.