Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ami Saraiya, Julie Meckler, Jared Bartman Thur March 10 Schubas

With a crowd full of rowdy fans who showed up to support these acts, Julie Meckler and band took the stage. Her music drew from island rhythms, folk, and 90's indie guitar. This transplant from France, now based in Chicago, sang a song in French that sounded beautiful.  I have a soft spot for French pop music. Some highlights were the raucous crowd, multitasking band members and some nice sounding mallets on drums, always a favorite of mine. There was some nice atmospheric guitar on some of the songs including the David Bowie cover, though I forget which song it was. The bass player said he told a "conceptual joke", which I thought was funny.

Next up was Peoria's Jared Bartman (who played accordion), had a full band that featured Gabe from the band dastardly, on drums. Gabe skills impressed. Jared sang in his unique style and had the crowd eating out of his hands. The last song he did, his voice only, was really effective.  I'm pretty excited Jared plays Chicago as often as he does. Keep an eye out because Jared has a new 7" coming out soon.

Lastly Ami Saraiya and her other 6 members of her band The Outcome, took the stage. I hadn't seen the full line-up which gave such a full sound. The power of Ami and Courtney and Shirley was something to behold. Ami played accordion and was joined by upright bass, violin. It always cool to see Ami play a stripped down set, and then play a full blown sound experience like this show! Congrats to Ami and The Outcome, as this was their EP release show.

It was well attended and the crowd was lively, as well they should be  because all three acts were really good. I saw my friend Aaron Hui as well as some of the good folks from Dastardly and so many other musicians who filled the crowd. Again a big thanks to Ami for inviting me out.


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