Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dedicated Ears Presents A Singer- Songwriter Showcase Aug 24 at Chopin Theatre

The first Dedicated Ears Singer Songwriter Showcase went really well. My friend Gabe of the band Dastardly came up with the idea and found these great musicians to play the Chopin. So a big thanks to Gabe. The musicians in the showcase were all great and you can see for yourself below. The rest of the video's I recorded will be up within the week. I wish I could have recorded all of the songs but I got a few at least from each performer. A big thanks to Brendan Losch who pulled double duty by performing and doing sound as the sound person who was supposed to come was a no show. Some of the more memorable moments was Sarah Holtschlag playing a saw and Musikanto doing an impromptu song at the piano in the front entrance hallway. There was a lot of artists sitting in with other artists in the true spirit of singer songwriter, like when Brendan was joined by Gia Margaret and Angelina Lucero. Adem Chapman actually played the Dedicated Ears showcase with the band Teenage Rage a few weeks back. It was great to see him perform by himself. Dan Price and McKenzie Toma also performed really cool sets as well. Thanks again to Brian Fitzgerald for designing another unique poster. Thanks to the musicians and songwriters who performed. Thanks to The Chopin Theatre, Lela and Zygmunt again for being gracious hosts.


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