Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bears Of Blue River - The Killer Bee Scare

I received a copy of this from Gavin, lead singer of Bears, who played a Dedicated Ears showcase (video here) at The Chopin Theatre. Gavin mostly played solo for this show and I got a chance to talk to him through sound check and after the show. He asked me to do an honest review and that's what he will get.

I really enjoyed this ep's melodies, which have a bit of an Americana twist to them. The Bears are originally from Indiana, after all. Gavin told me the band moved here for the cleanliness and the safety of this city. Or was it for the vibrant music scene?

This ep 's sweet lilting melodies and dancing bass lines are infectious indeed. The harmonies are not over done and accent the framework of the songs. The strong lead vocals of Gavin and Margaret have a nice interplay and compliment each other well. I suppose you would call "Betty Homemaker" the radio hit. A call and response song that tells the story of a couple in a clever way. It's an instantly recognizable melody. Also there is a cool video for it below.

All of the songs are strong and I think that the Bears have a bit of a different take on the standard indie pop formula. Listen closely with head phones and you will hear how the melodies and harmonies disappear into one another. You can get a FREE download of this ep and some other songs on their facebook page. Keep an eye out for a full length album from Bears very soon. I am sure I will tell you about it as well.

The Bears played a show with another great local band, Teenage Rage, this past Thursday at Empty Bottle on Western. Also on the bill was New York's Thieving Irons, which sounds pretty cool too.

Betty Homemaker from Alexis Rose on Vimeo.


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