Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dedicated Ears Presents Singer Song-Writers 2 at Cafe Ballou

The Dedicated Ears Showcase at Cafe Ballou went very well. It's interesting to see Gabe (Dastardly), the Teenage Rage Collective and Brendan Losch play on a consistent basis. It's cool to see them try new stuff and take chances. This past show had some unique moments. Though acoustic, I think Gabe was almost as loud as if he had an electric guitar and amp. Juxtapose that with the quiet reserve of Nathan Xander and the cool unique vocals of Jared Bartman and you have the makings of a hell of a night, and it was.

Gabe and Brendan have set up a series with the nice people at Cafe Ballou and we will be doing a monthly show for the forseeable future. Thanks to Khosro, who I had the pleasure of meeting and who is letting us put the shows on at his spot. It's a cool cafe that has a colorful look and laid back attitude. Before next month's show I will have the nights food and drink specials in my post about the show. So you can have a great wholesome meal.


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