Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Suns, Robbers, Gaberdine, Brontosaurus at Double Door 8/20

Brontosaurus opened the show and was a cool act to catch live. A 2 piece band that sound bigger at times. They play a progressive form of indie rock and adeptly played off one another much like jazz players do. This was their first show so keep an eye out for them.

<a href="">Everything Changes by Suns</a>

The Suns get better and more confident with their big sound with every show. The parts where the whole band is jamming out and both drummers are playing off one another is a near nirvana musical experience. They played a good deal of their two ep releases : The Howl and The Many and Close Calls In The U.S. Space Program. They settled into a groove that is accentuated by the mandolin and bow on a guitar that add little detours from the main road of their indie pop. They enjoyed their set a lot and the crowd was equally into the show as well. They are a must see live!

Thanks to Rebecca and Betta Promotions as well as Suns for the invite..

<a href="">Little Horn by Suns</a>


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