Friday, August 13, 2010

Princess Dinosaur - A Golfish and His Friends

Princess Dinosaur is Nic Newsham (Gatsby's American Dream) and Nick Vombrack (Dr. Manhatten). They created their debut album, A Goldfish and His Friends, while carrying on a long distance musical relationship between their homes in Illinois and Washington. The album was recorded in parts in both states.

A Goldfish and His Friends is a throwback to the 90's era of jangly guitar pop. It leans heavily on the hooks that made that pop music so irresistible. Princess Dinosaur remind me a lot of an updated version of Bluebottle Kiss where storytelling and melodies are most important. The lyrics are about relationships and how appearances aren't always what they seem.

The upbeat pace of "Yeah Sure" features guitars that are at home on a bright sunny day. The chorus is a sing along and the crescendo in the bridge works really well.

Things slow down a bit on"Steamy Dreams" and the echo effect and fading of howling from channel to channel drive home the point of a dream. "I know who you are, I know who you think you are.. I hate who you think you are", simple lyrics that say a lot.

"Electricity" has psych pop elements and some experimental instrumentation that are really interesting. It's a nice counter to the straight ahead pop.

Newsham and Vombrack have created a really nice debut album in A Goldfish and His Friends. The melodies are catchy and there are a few different sounds on this album.

Thanks to Rebecca at Betta Promotions for the heads up on this album.


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