Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jonny Rumble - JR (FREE Download)

Chicago band Jonny Rumble's new album JR is available now as a FREE download on the Rock Proper , Chicago based net-label. JR is a mix of blues based rock and indie rock that pulls from The Police, The Beatles and The Talking Heads. I highly suggest you download it and check out the other albums that Rock Proper has to offer. (I have Notes & Scratches,Jitney, and Jay Bennett)

Right out of the box, track #1 "Cox Road" has a nice swing to it and features a infectious hook.

"Victim of The Times" is the track I keep listening too. The effects on the vocals and the jazz influence make this an interesting song to listen to again and again.

Some of the non standard features, like the trippy parts of "Stumped" and the folk fueled "Toe The Line" give this album depth.

Jonny Rumble swimmingly succeed on the non standard rock fair on this album in the songs "Stumped" ," Toe The Line", "Victim of The Times". In these songs there is a wider range of influence than on the more straight ahead rock tracks. The production is good and the harmonies, when they are utilized work really well like on "Toe The Line".

I have seen Jonny Rumble play live and they are a self assured bunch that work well off one another. They have totally committed to their sound and their is a big payoff of this when you see them live. They have quite a few dates coming this summer. Check them out.

Thanks to August from Novo and also Casey from Rock Proper. Of course to the band as well. I have met them a couple of times at their shows and they are a blast to hang out with.


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