Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dedicated Ears Deux : Anjru Kieterang, Welcome To Ashley, and The Juliets

The second installment of Dedicated Ears presents at the Chopin Theatre featured some hiccups, but isn't that what happens at concerts? All three acts brought something different and were all at ease on the stage. There were some sound issues, and the fix to those is already in. I am still learning the ropes as far as the equipment that each band will require. It is fun though, and I love to learn new things. All the while I got to listen to great music and play music featured on this blog. Once again I was able to speak to music fans like Aaaron Hui, who has been to both shows. My friend featured prominently again. Brian Fitzgerald with another great poster. August and Kevin helped promote. I was also able to use the venues camera to capture music from all three acts which will be below here. Thanks again go out to Lela and Zygmunt and the grand old lady, The Chopin, which keeps getting rave reviews as a unique place to see and perform a concert. Thanks again to all three bands and to the crowd of vocal concertgoers who made the night a blast. Thanks to Aly who covered the show for her great blog Streets Of Wicker.

Next up The Black Atlantic from the Netherlands perform The Chopin on July 18th. This is the last leg of their US tour and it may be a few years before you get a chance to see this breathtaking band.


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