Monday, June 14, 2010

Dedicated Ears Presents: Anjru Kieterang,Welcome To Ashley,The Juliets

There is another Dedicated Ears Presents show in the downstairs lounge of the beautiful Chopin Theatre (1543 W Division).

-SAT. JUNE 19 (9:30 PM DOORS / 10PM First ACT)
-21 + TO ENTER

Now that I have had one show under my belt, the details leading up to this show have gone swimmingly. I am in an unique position to have my blog sponsor the shows at The Chopin. I don't know of any other blogs that sponsor shows. For this I am proud, and grateful to everyone who helps these shows come about. From the owners of the Chopin Theatre to the great bands that perform to my sounding board (Wife Kathy). Thanks to August Forte and Kevin Cornell from Novo Entertainment. Also another special thanks to designer Brian Fitzgerald for creating another great image for the show poster above. Contact him at if you'd like to know more about his work.

The bands for this weeks show have a varied sound. Anjru is a singer-songwriter who doesn't fit into any one category. His music has a dream like quality as well as some psychedelic influences as well. I have listened to his album Strange Dreams quite a bit. It's a free legal download HERE. Thanks to Brendan Losch for telling me about Anjru.

Welcome To Ashley were brought to my attention by August from Novo, who kindly invited me out to see Welcome To Ashley last Dec. The band was tight and energetic. They are indie rock with a touch of Americana. Lead singer Coley's emotive delivery is commanding. This band lives to play live, and it shows in their performance . I took video of a song.

The Juliets are a band I found on bandcamp. They remind me a lot of early 80's indie pop from abroad (think Crowded House). They differ in their full sound with their strings section. I was originally entranced by the swell of music but quickly fell in love with the lyrics.

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You can name your price for the Juliet download and the Welcome To Ashley album is a free download. Just click on them. Please come on out to the show. I will have another play-list of music to play at the show that has been featured on this blog as well as the blogs facebook page. A completely unique music experience could be all yours if you join us on Saturday. Thanks.


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