Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My iTunes Wishlist

I tunes is a great service. It allows you to archive all of your music for free. It has the genius and dj modes to mix your own music. It is very intuitive and expandable in many ways. It has become the brand name of the mp3 like Jello is to gelatin. But, like everything, it could use some improving. It is amazing to think it has not evolved more since it has the cash backing of Apple and all of the overpriced music it sells there.
My gripes are as follows:
1) you should be able to change the genre description to something that makes sense to you. When I uploaded my collection of Bebel Gilberto it put her music into 3 different categories, where I would only put it in 1. I would love to be able to call a grouping "Net Music" or "Jamendo", because in my mind I don't think of the music by style as much as by where I found it.
2) You should be able to get a complete list of your albums on iTunes the same way you can get a list of songs.
3)Also when you backup your music it only allows you to back all the music up or music since the last backup. Well then if you are backing up to a dvd it's hard to tell exactly how much music you've added since the last back-up. It should have either a list of those songs or at least a mb/gig number. I have over 1700 albums, so it's hard to keep track of.
There are more right things about iTunes than wrong, but I would really love it if I could do these few things. Maybe some of these are frowned upon by the record labels and their dwindling influence still has sway on iTunes. Can't wait until the big labels are completely neutralized.
If you have any thoughts on this, or if I can already do some of these things I'm complaining about and just don't know it, please leave a comment.


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