Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Album Review- Perishers - Let There Be Morning (Nettwerk 2005)

From the beginning of the piano chords on the opening track "Weekend"the simple melodies of this album suck you in. This Swedish group fronted by Ola Kluft's at once whisper quiet and the next moment soaring vocals are reminiscent of the likes of Coldplay, Travis and Snow Patrol. They are certainly their own band though as they have been making music for over 10 years.
Blurts of bright sounding guitar "My Heart" is used selectively throughout the album to good effect. The sleepy strings on "Still Here" brings this group close to the formula that one too many groups use with the piano lead with the lush strings that has been overdone for some time now, but they skirt this line nicely as each of the band members has input, like bass player Pehr Astrom on"Sill Here" and makes them sound like a band and not a one man project.
With a group like the Perishers one of the most important facets is the songwriting which is very strong on Let There Be Morning. On "Pills" Ola slyly sings 'I hope my smile can distract you I hope my fists can fight for two'. At times the lyrics are winsome and at others are a mellow, hazy and happy like on the title track.
At first listen this band is similar to a lot of bands, the piano lead, whispered vocals and strings. What separates this band is that they are a band. You can hear the influence of each member. Nice little surprises like the trumpet and the hint of a organ on the title track keep the listener from falling into a rut. The melodies here are spot on the songwriting very strong.


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