Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Concert review : Trashcan Sinatras at Schubas in Chicago

I recently was turned on to the Scottish pop band the Trashcan Sinatras by a good friend. Unfortunately I did not get to listen to all of their stuff before seeing the concert, so I didn't know it by heart. I did listen enough to know the melodies though and really enjoyed them live. The Sinatras have a full sound that reminds me a little bit of Crowded House. Both bands craft songs that feature well written and heartfelt songs that are accompanied by killer melodies and all band members chip in which leads to the "full" sound I spoke of.
Schubas is my favorite place to see shows in Chicago. The sound is very even and the sound carries thanks to the gratuitous amount of wood in the room. About 150 people fill the room so it's cozy. The crowd at the Sinatras show was filled with many fans who have seen the band all over the world. I talked to people who had seen them in Japan and Ireland. After watching the band perform both passionately and professionally, I could see why fans travel to see this band. They connected well with the audience and played off one another well.
If you get a chance to see them I highlt recommend it.


Paul L. said...

Sounds like a great concert, wish I was there...oh wait. ;-)

They are an excellent band, they were one of those bands we spoke about that when you hear a song from them, you know they are something special right with the first chord.

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