Sunday, May 17, 2009

Transition : Dependant Consumer To Independant Consumer

I have been buying records/cassettes/cd's/mp3's for 25 years and am amazed at the constant evolution of the music business. We are on the verge of most music being a free download that we can then donate money to the artist if we so choose. This is the model on everything from Radiohead's site to some of my faves, Jamendo and Free Music Archive. Now most of these sites content is primarily unsigned unknown artists, but this is changing and in a few years most of the music will be available as free downloads and the big corporations will fund it with their advertising dollar. This is the dream of all music lovers. The artists can then make additional money by releasing for pay bonus material and live material that music nuts like myself will pay for gladly.
This is my first blog. Music is the only thing that I am knowledgeable about that I truly love. I have over 1500 albums and that grows daily now that I'm on Jamendo and Free Music Archive. At the beginning here i'll keep updates of my music finds on these as well as any cool free Web labels. If you want to do the same i'll check yours out too. That's the beauty of the direction the music bus is headed, it's now a collaborative effort of fans and artists alike! If you're in a band and want me to check out some music or do a review I'd love to, let me know!!


pleddy said...

Look forward to the discussion on here on the new evolution in the industry. I think the free sites can really expose bands to a larger audience than what they could only dream about 15 (hell, 10) years ago. Some of my proudest "finds" have been either through internet radio or free downloads (and I am not talking about piracy...although, I did a fair share with Napster in the day).

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