Saturday, May 23, 2009 where you can archive your music for free.

The website is a great place to find new music. It's user friendly and allows you to join for free. They have a pretty extensive artist information with the ability to stream those songs for free. They also have web songs for 10 cents each that can only be played on lala but you can play the complete song as many times as you like. They have all of the other music site amenities such as friends and playlists. One of the great things is that you can listen to a song while searching the rest of the site and the player will continue to play until you turn it off or start a different song. I use this feature when checking out the new releases every week. As you scroll through new releases from page to page you can listen to the artists for as long as you like. Also the new releases can be viewed by style and whether its an album or single, this lets you search for exactly what you want.
Lala lets you upload your music and archive it there for free. No need for a back-up hard drive. I uploaded 18,000 songs. The only draw back here is that not every song and album will upload but i'd say about 95% of mine did. Even bootlegs. They have a Lalamover that facilitates the uploading of your music that you can set up to upload everything that is added to itunes automatically. These uploaded songs and playlists can be viewed and played by others. The uploads are able to be found by typing in the song or artist you're looking for or you can scroll list style both the artist name and album name. I wish itunes had that capability.
Lala sells mp3's as well. They have a good deal of music for 5.99 per album or less. They have a lot of the sales that amazon has but the Lala sells a lot albums for $7.50 that would be $9.99 on itunes and Amazon.
My screen name on Lala is the same as here, so if you end up joining there look me up.


pleddy said...

uploading my 16,000 songs right now and it saying about 23hours estimated time. ;-)

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