Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Free Music Archive

I came across an article on Pitchfork about a new web site, The Free Music Archive. On this site they have labels, radio stations and large personal collections of music all free for download. The way the site functions is very easy. Signing up is free and they have an easy color coded system that will feed you to specific styles of music. You can donate to the artists page if you wish.
The styles on this site are eclectic. I have enjoyed downloading everything from German alt/electro rock band Spheriot's Bekennerschreiben , Kristin Hersh's (USA) new indie album
Speedbath to African guitarist Abdoulaye Toure and a series of collections called Netbloc 1 thru 21 where they cull artists from net-labels across the world. Other standouts for me on that site are meanwhileproject ltd , Germanpop/electro songs that feature male and female vocals as well as Mira Cook's catchy and inventive layered acapella songs. Learning Music's tribe mentality, up to 30 members, to making really good a indie pop music in the vein of David Byrne.
This is the site that music fans, like myself have been saying we deserve to have, which offers music for free in a way that incorporates artists, fans, labels and radio stations together in one place. Now we need people to help them grow by visiting, joining and downloading for free. What's you excuse not to?


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