Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pretty Little Empire - Pretty Little Empire (Extension Chords Records) Release Show Sat Oct 19 at Off Broadway

Pretty Little Empire have seamlessly blended ambient and post punk elements into their tried and true formula to remarkable results on their third, and self titled release, out on Extension Chords Records. The band members only want to make the best music they can. So egos are set aside and allow for multiple people to sing lead and form songs. This isn't always the case with bands. I have been fortunate to have seen PLE play shows (since 2009) for all three albums. I have also got to talking to them at the shows and ask about their growth as a unit.  So the maturity on Pretty Little Empire is not surprising one bit. They are achieving sounds on this album that would be impossible if this were a "one man band".

The post punk punch of "Talking Loud"  features some lyrics we all would like to utter to someone we know, "I don't want to waste another day, contemplating all the shit your saying, you have proven to me once again, that we never were the best of friends..." . The break two thirds of the way through the song add some depth to this song.

The guitar parts on "Master Plan" is like a long lost friend from the late 80's. I've been singing this songs lyric "There's no master plan, for the things we don't understand" for weeks now. The organ they have on this track is a really effective for the mood of this song.

As a personal patron of waltz timed songs, I wholeheartedly endorse the simple and effective beauty of "Patina".

The Latin accents on "Out Of Control" are a great counter point to the crashing guitars in the song. Best of both world!

Evan sings lead on the country tinged "Nest" and makes you when he will have an album of acoustic originals up on bandcamp?

 The guys picked a great album closer with "You are the one", a sprawling song that features a blissful buzz and catchy melody and heartfelt singing by Justin that sums up the band's sound at this time.

 I scheduled a family vacation earlier this year to St Louis and our whole family got to see PLE play at the art museum there. Even outside in the hot sun the songs were something to behold live! So I implore you to g to their album release show this Sat Oct 19 at Off Broadway. Get tix HERE.


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This is a great band and I hope to see them live sometime!

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