Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lilly's, Chicago, I Love You and Dedicated Ears Present A LIVE MIXTAPE 10. 19. 2013

LILLY'S // CILY and Dedicated Ears present:  A LIVE MIXTAPE 
Show Details In Full HERE 
1:30 -- Flo Res
12:45 -- Girl Detective
12:00 -- Magicks
11:00 -- Bassell & The Supernaturals
10:25 -- Doomsday
 9:45 -- Dirty Pigeons
9:00 -- Chris Anderson 
8:00 -- Penthouse Sweets
7:00 -- Woodrow Hart and The Haymakers
6:00 -- Matthew Kerstein
5:00 -- Kate Adams
4:00 -- Roe & Coffey

This Saturday the 19th I am proud that Dedicated Ears will be hosting a Chicago, I Love You event at Lilly's. We've got a great line up of performers. Some I have seen and some I have not. Their is a mixed bag of musical styles as well. I am really looking forward to seeing this show. It's a free show, so come on out!  Thanks once again to Tom Schraeder and CIYL for putting this 10 day long artists display on. And thanks as well for the invited to be a sponsor!


Luke Bryan said...

These are some awesome songs! Thanks for sharing them.

Rihanna Music said...

I really wanted to go to this show but I was unable to, I bet it was great!

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