Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dedicated Ears Presents ... A Success

Dedicated Ears Presents a Night Of Music at The Chopin Theatre was a success this past Saturday night. I want to say thanks to everyone who came out to the show. I met and talked to most of the people in the crowd and it was a blast. Thanks goes out to Lela an Zygmunt the owners of the Chopin Theatre who were gracious hosts. Thanks to August Forte, who went above and beyond promoting this event. Thanks to David Saffran, Brendan Losch, and Pretty Little Empire for performances that the audience really enjoyed. Thanks also to Brian Fitzgerald, who designed the cool poster ad, Michael Griggs for running the sound and Paul Leddy for helping with shooting the video for the show.

David Safran started the evening out with a singer songwriter set that had both a troubadour look and feel as well as some world beat rhythms mixed in. His band was tight and offered a slightly different spin on what you come to expect with a singer songwriter's performance.

Brendan Losch is an assured singer-songwriter who came across as earnest in his performance. After listening to his songs for a few weeks, I really enjoyed hearing them live. I would suggest checking out his albums on his site. He also is in the ambient-indie-gaze band Bullets In Madison, which I hope to get to play The Chopin. He also has a blog, Count Me Out, you should check out for news on a lot of indie music.

Pretty Little Empire is a band you may be familiar with if you read my posts. Their beautiful album Sweet Sweet Hands was on my end of year list last year. I still listen to it on a weekly basis. I went to film school with Justin Johnson, who plays guitar and sings lead and harmonies. I saw the band in St. Louis right after the release of their album and was blown away. They have gotten even better since then and showed it in their set. Their harmonies are stronger and they have added a 90's indie style punch of jangly guitar to their sound. Once the band was mainly acoustic and now they do well straddling the line between alt-folk and indie rock. I'll keep you posted about their upcoming album.

Many people commented on how cool they thought the theatre was and what a great place it is to see a concert. I agree fully. It's got a really nice vibe. I hope to book many more shows there and am working on June's show right now.


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