Friday, January 8, 2010

In A Cabin With... Musical Nomads

In a search of the Mininova bit torrent (Legal Free Torrents) I came across a great musical idea and some really good music to match it. 'In A Cabin With' is fellow Dutch friends Maarten Besseling, creator, and Jesse Beuker, producer. Every two months, 'In A Cabin With' invites a Dutch musician(s) to a different locale where they write, record and produce an album with local musicians in 10 to 14 days. They have recorded in Sweden, Thailand, New York and Ottawa. The musical styles of these albums run the gamut from jazz to metal to electro and singer/song-writer. They then mix and master the music back in the Netherlands. The album artwork is designed by up and coming artists. The albums are then available at the 'In A Cabin With' website for FREE download. Of course like almost all of the legal and free music on the net, donations are greatly appreciated. Maarten also releases these albums in the country that they are made.

I downloaded these albums and I suggest that you do so as well. There are 14 albums in all, and I have listened to 9 of them so far. There is a lot of diversity of the styles of music. My favorite so far is The Black Atlantic album Reverence For Fallen Trees. (I'll be reviewing that soon.)
The 'In A Cabin With' series is planned to continue indefinitely with 8 albums being released each year. They have tours and workshops that all have the same aim of creating a true musical community. That communal spirit will be traveling to Canada and Shanghai in 2010.


Paul L. said...

What an awesome idea...trying to download all 13 albums now.

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