Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dana Falconberry - Hallets

Jerusha Robinson, from the group South China, sent me a message and a link about Dana Falconberry. The two of them are friends and Jerusha thought I should check out Dana's music. I am very thankful to Jerusha for sending me that link!

Dana is from Austin (TX) and the easy nature of Hallets echoes the pastoral scenes of Texas. Many artists from Texas might not necessarily be a country or blue-grass act, but there is a pacing to their music that speaks volumes about Texas. Everything happens in it's own time. Dana's vocals have a controlled power to them and remind me right away of the first time I heard Alison Krauss. Dana's guitar blends well within the structure of the songs. The harmonies on the album are stunning.


Dana is joined by Gina Dvorak (vocals), Andrew Bergmann (up-right bass), and Lauren McMurray (vocals). Together they make music that is at once original.

In addition to being a really good songwriter Dana personally hand-made the cd album covers for Hallets. Check out her youtube video for making the covers. You can buy a home-made cd copy on Dana's site and a digital copy here. Watch her site for concert announcements.


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