Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy Tony and The Near Future Of This Blog

As a stay at home dad for 2 toddlers, who are great, I have to budget my time wisely. As well as spend time with my incredible wife Kathy, who also happens to suffer this musical fool. She does the editing for the blog, as that little facet of writing never quite took hold in me. Merci Kathy. It is always a fine line of trying to keep all the music interests going forward. I have added almost 30 new artists to my collection in the last couple of weeks. I go to shows to do interviews with bands, support the local music scene, and feed my addiction to finding free net labels.

I am fortunate to have good friends like Steve Juras, who is interested in just about everything. He shoots a lot of the video and all the photos and bring his own gear to do it. August, who helps keep me connected to the local music scene. Also my friend Paul, with whom I share a good deal of musical likes and dislikes. He is a bit of a sounding board as he gives input on some of the artists I expose him to regularly. He also points me towards new bands he is into. I appreciate the friendship and the help of all three.

So with all of this going on plus Holidays with the family recently I have had a bit of backlog of things to try to put on the blog. I have most of that squared away now and have posted a live performance and an interview with local musician Adam Ashbach. I have reviews of Peapod Recordings artists Brown Bird, South China, and Dead End Armory. I have impending reviews of Illinois artist Lissie (possibly an interview in Jan), local post punk band California Wives (who I met at the Adam Ashbach show), soulful artist Audra Mae (who bravely covers a Whitesnake song), and many more of my new e-music purchases. I also have a post on e-music coming shortly. Check that post out if you want to learn how you can get almost any mp3 download for .50 a song.

Thanks to all of the artists, label contacts, promotion people and venues that have been beyond accommodating and made this blog really fun to do. If you are reading this and enjoy the blog, please join as a follow on my site. It will help me keep track of who is out there reading this. Please leave positive or negative feedback. After all it's all feedback.




Paul L. said...

Love the conversations we have had about have introduced me to so much. Thanks and happy holidays!

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