Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 My Most Listened To

I try not to do "best" lists. That is difficult for me as I have added so many albums this year. Instead I will do a most listened to 2009 list. This list is representative of the different places you can find music. Indie Labels, Jamendo, netlabels, Free Music Archive and Major Labels are all represented.

I'll also do a group of albums that came out before this year that I just became aware of this year.

2009 LIST

Pretty Little Empire - Sweet Sweet Hands

Beautiful vocals, great songwriting, and irresistible

melodies have me still playing this a few times a


Baby Boy Killer - Pretty Little Empire

Decemberists - Hazards Of Love

My friend Paul turned me on to all of their stuff this year.

Repeated listens make whether you like the vocals a

moot point. Seek out all of their albums.

Won't Want for Love - The Decemberists

Josh Mease - Wilderness

Texan transplanted to N.Y. Great song writing.

Jazz flavored pop with Southern ease.

White Diamonds - Josh Mease

tUnE-yArDs - Bird Brains

Merrill Garbus uses a hodge -podge of sound and a

healthy dose of imagination to craft wildly

interesting pop songs.

Loney Dear - Dear John

Loney Dear polished this album and it

sounds shiny and bright. It's a hum along


Everything Turns To You - Loney Dear

Fever Ray - Fever ray

Brooding and beautiful songs that take their

time coming to life.

If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray

Dodos - Time To Die

The Dodo's shift gears a bit from the percussion

driven rhythms of Visiter. The songs on Time To

have a bit more of a classic song construction.

Two Medicines - Dodos

Spheriot - Bekennerschreiben

One man band Luko used touches of Kraut-rock

and 70's psychedelic and space rock. Nice

production on this complete album.

Aufmarsch der Lemminge - Spheriot

The Home Phonema - There' Nothing Left To Give Up

Pop, progressive,and post punk all color this album. This

is loose and dirty and sometimes that's the best thing

music can be.

Eisoptrophobia - The Home Phonema

South China - Washingtons

Sonically sparse songs shine a bright light on the

beautiful vocals and compositions on Washingtons.


Octopus Project - Golden Beds

Psych rock meets gorgeous hooks.

Wet Gold - Octopus Project

Older Than 2009 Albums

Alex and Sam Sounds Like This Volume 1

La Curiosite Tua Le Chat La Curiosite Tua Le Chat

Beach House - Beach House

Clownage - Premiers Maux

Dodos Visiter

Learning Music - Readers, Travel

Notes and Scrathes - Uh -Oh

The Perishers - Let There Be Morning

Audra Mae - Audra Mae

Lull - Acoustique


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