Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Bears Of Blue River - Dames (album review) Released Oct 2011

Chicago's Bears Of Blue River are back again with an album full of  hummable pop songs which utilize equal parts indie and 50's era rock-n-roll. Fronted by Gavin Wilkinson, the Bears are in a raucous mood on tracks like the album opener "Boy Toy".  The first lyrics Gavin sings are, 'As I left the Polish bar, you got up and out your car you looked up at me and with your eyes you swore at me' to which Margaret Alexandra Gard replies 'You foolish little man, with your life set to plan
spend some time with me and a few tricks you will see', as two lovers who are together in spite of each person's shortcomings. The raw choruses of 'Good Spark' create a full sound, as this track has a bit harder edged guitar. My favorite track is the closer, 'Blue Ribbon', which is a track the band has had around for some time as a single of sorts. Gavin sings 'And I tried hard and I got barred and it sure was a lesson, a story I'm addressing. Undressing I need from some nice thing, a prize little jewel to prove I'm no fool.'  Dames has a really good balanced sound, and features the attention on the band and not the production.

I have seen the Bears Of Blue River play with almost every band configuration, and they are a band well worth seeing.
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