Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pretty Little Empire at KDHX Twangfest (Blueberry Hill Thur June 8 2012)

Our family scheduled our St. Louis vacation around seeing the guys in  Pretty Little Empire play again. This time I saw them at KDHX Twangfest at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. I hadn't been there before and it was a cool place to see a show with excellent sound. They played some new songs. (Below is a pic of Wade's set list).  They played as a five piece for a few songs as their producer extraordinaire, David Beeman (Native Sound) joined them playing a few different instruments. The guys said that David has the pulse of what the band wants to do with their sound and are looking forward to finishing up recording with David. This new sound is a more textured sound with influences of early 80's post rock as well as Latin rhythms. The guys never disappoint live, so run (don't walk!) to see them play. They always have a great turnout of enthusiastic fans that acts as a bit of an extended family. I always enjoy talking with these people.

I also caught the set by Wussy who played an early 90's quirky indie rock that really cooked when they were jamming. They had an ease on stage with one another that only comes from a band playing together for a long time. Check out both Pretty Little Empire and Wussy videos from this show below courtesy of KDHX.  Thanks to them for the great show and the video.


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