Friday, January 28, 2011

Dedicated Ears Songwriter Showcase #6 Cafe Ballou 1.22.11

The latest installment of Dedicated Ears Songwriter Showcase at Cafe Ballou was a rousing success.  Gabe (Dastardly) played the "Jew Song" and I was lucky to record it. The video is below. He has an ease with an audience that is commendable. He also played drums on Jared Bartman's set.  I really like Jared's phrasing and tone of his voice. He  played accordion and guitar. He also played accordion on Gabe's set. The two of them are headed out on tour, check their fb page for more info.

Brendan Losch play some new and some old songs.  It's always a treat to see him play.  Ami Suraiya was accompanied by a few of her band members from The Outcome.  I knew I would enjoy the set when the drummer had brushes and mallets and played some cool jazz rhythms. Ami played accordion... are you noticing a theme here? I thought their overall sound was great and you should go see them play soon. Will from Teenage Rage played a cool set as well.

It was a blast to hang with some of the bands afterwards.  Thanks again to Khosro and the staff at Cafe Ballou, which is a great place to eat as well as load up on coffee stuffs in a relaxed vibe.  They are always welcoming and I am fortunate to be involved with these shows.  Also, thanks to all of the people who come out to the shows. It means a lot to the performers.


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