Monday, December 13, 2010

Dastardly Shines at Schubas

(thanks to Matt Ginger for the cool photos)

 Jared Bartman opened and used his unique delivery of his storytelling in song form. It was interesting contrast to seeing him do a singer songwriter set alone. The songs as played on this night were true to his album, Jersey Shore.  It's always a pleasure to see and talk with Jared.

Chaperone was on next, as I promised in my preview post of the show, they kicked ass 2 minutes at a time. I was talking with them before the show and they were discussing a play list that some of the band members thought may be too long and they finally decided that they would just figure it out. They have a relaxed vibe live while ripping through their songs at a break neck pace. That comes from them playing off one another  very well and the overall sound has a thunderous balance of bottom end of tom drums, played by Thom coincidentally. The group jam with Dastardly's band almost broke the fire code limit on stage, but was a really sweet moment on the ears. Thanks to Chaperone for the press pass BTW! They may play like rock starts n=but don't act like it. Very good folks they are.

Glittermouse was next and gave a high energy performance that was eaten up by the crowd.

 It was time for the headliner (for the first time) Dastardly took the stage and played with the frenetic energy that is the hallmark of Dastardly's shows. The band is really settling in to playing these songs   May You Never....their awesome new album which is available at their live shows.

A list of things that happened during their set :

1) Cover of the Jeff Buckley song "Lover You Should Have Come Over"which showcased Gabe's vocals and the band's ability to do justice to a great musician.

2) Gabe threw a tambourine to the crowd. Aggressive Western music indeed.

3)  There always seems to be vocal drunk folks who follow the band around, but they handle it with aplomb. It helps that Gabe and company seemed very well plied themselves. That always adds to the interesting factor but I have yet to see it detract from the sound.  Just as it should be.

4) Toward the end of their set there seemed to be 30 people on stage. Maybe that's how they get those big sounds.

In short follow their exploits on Facebook and you can alert others on the East coast about the bands impending invasion/tour.

It was a bunch of fun hanging out with my friend Paul and his friends as well as Rebecca from Betta Promotions and August from Novo. This was a happening place to be as I saw so many familiar faces and got to talk to almost all of them. 

Next up for me Betta Promotions forward thinking show Beats and Bloggers Show on Dec 18th at


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