Friday, November 26, 2010

Dedicated Ears Songwriter Showcase #4 at Cafe Ballou Chicago

It was time for another songwriter showcase at the always accommodating Cafe Ballou. Quite a turnout we had, more than 50 folks came out to see the acts and have some food and coffee drinks. It was great again to talk to so many musicians in the crowd.  We had a special helper / dancer as well as some great sets starting with Brendan Losch who I saw play ukulele for the first time. He plays this Sun at Empty Bottle, check him out (bring canned goods for charity!)

Next up was Magic Ian who reminded me of a mix of Nick Cave with the storytelling of Utah Phillips. "Junkyards Of Wyoming" was a punk timed ditty that was a crowd leaser.  Magic Ian also offered this precursor, "I am going to try to break the blues with my next song "Causeway Blues" which technically too fast to be blues, which is the joke in of itself isn't it? Loved his story telling abilities as well as playing and singing.

Teenage Rage switched it up again, playing slow to mid tempo songs as well as the beautiful violin parts by Miranda Rae who has played a few Dedicated Ears shows. The always personable Teenage Rage informed the crowd " I am going to play two songs... well half songs, they aren't finished yet, together they make one song right".


Gabe from Dastardly was next up. Always the
crowd pleasing performer/emcee/drunk wrangler
did not disappoint with any of his jobs. He
played "The Dramatic Cowboy Song" which
everyone watching and listening loved.


Robert Reid was up next and played some really
nice guitar as well as playing a waltz timed song.
Yay for that!

Rachael Eve played next with Miranda Rae on violin again. Rachael's set was very cool and took the drunks in the crowd in stride.

 Gavin from The Bears Of Blue River played a solo set. I really like the way he writes and sings.

Last was the dancing and singing talents of
Matthew Merryweather. 

Leafbird played a dreamy set of folk with some
cool harmonics on the guitar.
The set felt intimate.

Anthony 'T-Bird ' Magera was up next playing some blues flavored singer songwriter songs that
were long on emotion, which is why I like to
watch him play.

Thanks to all of the great musicians who played again and to the size-able crowd.  Again, thanks to Kosro and the cool people at Cafe Ballou for staying late. Look for info on the next show on the Dastardly or Brendan Losch home pages on Facebook.


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