Monday, October 4, 2010

Not The Best (Spacehog at Cubby Bear)

The good the bad the ugly. First off the good, local all girl rockers The Maybenauts glammed it up with a really good tight set. This is the first time I saw them and they did not disappoint. Thanks to Novo for the kind invite.

The bad, Spacehog. I have their first two albums so I am familiar with them. I thought that this was wildly uninspiring. It could have been worse I suppose they did manage to keep time and play efficiently.

The ugly, the venue. I haven't seen a show there in over 10 years and I certainly haven't missed much. I suppose the same people would fill this "sports bar" whether they played the senseless drivel they were playing before the show or having bands play live . This was sponsored by Q101, which means they are still on the radio dial? I haven't listened to that station in some 4 or 5 years. Thank god for Internet radio and multi-room sound systems. Also the only beer they served during the show was Bud, even though they still sold hard liquor. And to top it off a thoroughly senseless bathroom "attendant" that loudly espoused hygiene tips to everyone who did not tip him.


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