Monday, April 19, 2010

Arcade Sound Ltd. a gem in Tennessee

More free music net-labels. This time around it's Arcade Sound Ltd., which was started by Ryan Foltz and is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The label has cassettes and vinyl along with downloads. A good deal of these downloads are free. Donations are accepted! Better yet, buy a record or cassette. I came across the great Magic Man FREE download album Real Life Color during my daily scan of bandcamp releases. This album is full of lo-fi indie pop songs.

<a href="">Swell Song by Magic Man</a>

I listened to that quite a bit over the next week or so and then searched out their label Arcade Sound Ltd. Other artists that I have downloaded and enjoyed are Memoryhouse's The Years (ep). The MillionYoung album Sunndreamm (ep) features an electronic world beat that is infectious. Also the newest release is Blackbird Blackbird's 80's synth ep Happy High.

<a href="">Happy High by Bye Bye Blackbird</a>

I asked Ryan Foltz to explain a little about the beginnings of his net-label as well as what he looks for as far as artists for Arcade Sound Ltd. "I started the label in 2007 while in school in Florida. It kinda started as an outlet to release my own music, as well as friends' bands. When I moved back to Knoxville, TN after graduating, I found Million Young and that really made the label what it is now. Mainly what I look for in artists is just good music. I know that sounds cliche, but anything I can't get out of my head I usually contact."


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