Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Son(s) - Radar

I just did a review of The Juliets who sound as if they were entrenched in the U.K somewhere. The reality is that they are from Michigan. Conversely The Son(s) alt-folk dream like musical vibe sounds as if they would fit in with many bands from St. Louis that have a similar sound. The Son(s) aren't from St. Louis. They aren't even from the U.S. They hail from Aberdeen, Britain. I came across their album Radar on Soundcloud. After listening to it a few times I thought it deserved a post.

The waltz time opening track "Radar" features a dreamlike sound. It is punctuated with some nice lead guitar works that breathes nicely. The pop punch of guitars on "Saturday Night Special" shakes up Radar . It makes for a good counterpoint to the serious/somber feel in the other tracks.

The production on this album successfully frames the vocals well. "There Is A Hole In The Middle Of The Sea" features nice harmonies and slight production touches like the hammering of the guitar note that fades into the sound of the ebbing sea sound which helps to emphasizes the enormity of the sea. The Son(s) take their time with these songs and it shows.

A quote from The Son(s) Soundcloud page which says their music is "Spooky Waltz Harmony Pop". That is an apt description for their winsome and engaging music. Please keep posted on their souncloud page. The band says,"we are in the studio at the moment mastering and mixing these and some new tracks so the released stuff will sound a bit better than these demo's."

Masters by The Son(s)


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