Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Night Undoes The Work Of The Day by oh my god (Album Review)

On their new album, The Night Undoes The Work Of The Day, oh my god presents infectious pop hooks. On first listen their sound is reminiscent of Ben Folds but after delving into the whole album the electronic elements make this more than just a piano led pop album. What also separates it from an average pop album is the influence of all the members can be heard and there is a full balanced sound.
On "My Prayer" the minimal organ and Billy O'Neill's layered vocals make for a full sound in this existential number.
On the playful side is "Baby There's Nothin' Wrong". Billy pleads, "baby you just got to go to work".
The cover of the Fixx's "One Thing Leads To Another" is a rocker with bounce. The electro sounds shine brightly here. How can you go wrong with the break in that song?
"My Juliet" offers a breather from the full sonic sound-scape. Some minimal piano and reverb makes a somber outline that allows O'Neill to sing with restraint and frame the lyrics nicely.
oh my god are a Chicago band known for their high energy shows. The band is on tour now. They will be having a record release party at Double Door in Chicago on Sat. Sept. 26 See them live and help support local musicians.
I recommend purchasing their album The Night Undoes The Work Of The Day here


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