Friday, February 26, 2010

Will Play For Tacos: Suns at Lincoln Hall 2.24.10

I met a few people from Inderma Records and Betta Promotions at the Big Science show a couple of weeks ago. One of them, Josh, said I need to come see the band Suns at Lincoln Hall. I am really glad Josh told me about that show. Suns played a powerful brand of indie rock that builds layer upon layer of instrumentation to make an orchestra like sound all the while they have two drummers playing with mallets. It's important to note the mallets because this is symptomatic of the attention to detail that Suns puts into the overall sound. Their sound doesn't need a ton of reverb on the guitar to build noise because that would drown out the mandolin, glockenspiel, clarinet, dobro guitar, Hammond organ, a bow playing the guitar and the aforementioned double drummers with mallets. All of this builds the wave of sound which is punctuated by Mickey Russell's vocals.

The rest of the bands is

Matt Lemke
- rhodes, magnus, harmonium, synth, guitar, vocals
Kody Nixon - bass, banjo, vocals
Mikey Russell - guitars, vocals
Clinton Weber - drums, glockenspiel, vocals
Chris Pagnani - drums, clarinet, vocals
Nick Enderle - guitar, mandolin, springs, vocals

All of the guys were kind enough to sit for an interview and a super cheesy id tag done twice because it was so much fun! This was a first for me as we had 6 people in the Green Room upstairs. The guys were a blast and funny and you will find the Taco title reference of this blog post in the interview. I would have needed a wide angle lens to get all 6 of them in the frame, but I was able to mostly get them on screen. Thanks to the band, Josh, and Rebecca from Betta Promotions for all the help. Suns have a new album coming out soon that I'll review. They will be playing Chicago quite a bit so check them out!

The opening bands were Chicago's Mike Maimone and The Mutts and also fire Zuave from Athens Georgia. Check out both bands' music if you get a chance. I really enjoy Mike's album and will be doing a review of it soon. Both bands were fun live.

fire Zuave from Athens Georgia and Chicago's own Mike Maimone played in support of The Suns. You can check both videos out at dedicatedears2 youtube channel. Check out Mike here in Chicago. His sound has a sinister low end rumble that shouldn't be missed live. Here's a video of his performance.


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