Sunday, February 14, 2010

Creative Commons Community

If you like D-I-Y music and indie folk music you have to check out CLLCT. This site is a Collective of musicians who give their music away the old fashioned way, under Creative Commons license. There are almost 90 pages of artists on this site. It's mostly bedroom recordings in the folk/singer songwriter style of music. You can comment on the music and many of these artists comment on the technical aspects of the other musicians on CLLCT. Also you can favorite and vote for the artists.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the musical community on CLLCT is that many of these artists share their music as a "split" releases. There are also some very interesting ideas like Madeline Ava's cover album of Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. She only plays a ukulele. Powerful stuff there.

Communist Daughter by: Madeline Ava

Octobergeist by: Turtle Ambulance

Another band with a different musical style is Turtle Ambulance. Their album Plates is a refreshing take on Tropical music when filtered through a computer.


Manipulator Alligator makes folk music that captures the mindset of the 21st century everyday people heavily influenced by outrageous television talk show participants. His observations are that of a child recounting all of the detail without any shame. From his song "i wish i had everything", 'When i was a kid my parents hit a deer with our van. We were so hungry, we took that thing home and we ate it. Did you suffer when that car was all up in your face? And you're all like I'm just walking here, baby full of baby deer."

i wish that everything by: Manipulator Alligator

Joe Harbison's album Traditions has an expansive sound that is influenced by some of the progressive elements of The Decemberists and more traditional folk elements and storytelling. Joe plays all of the instruments here and the production mix is really nice. It's always great to come across an album like this that was created as a group of songs that depend on one another. There is a linear story telling on Traditions.

Traditions by Joe Harbison


Other artists that I downloaded and enjoyed are : A Wonderful, Kaleidonauts, Midnightfight, Ryland Bouchard, Wisdom Tooth, Europe Good Night, One Hundred Swans, When The War Came, Riseage,Tree River and Michael Taylor.

The artists themselves don't take donations rather the site takes donated money directly to fund the site. So if you are in a position to, please help them out!


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