Sunday, February 7, 2010

Big Science @ Lincoln Hall 2.6.10

I caught Chicago post-punk band Big Science at Lincoln Hall on Sat. Feb.6th. It was the first time that I went to a concert there. The sound was great and the space is big. There's the extra plus of it being less than a year old. Big Science's set was really good and a lot more of a rock sound live. On the album the keyboards are little more prevalent. They played as a tight unit and enjoyed their set even though they went on a bit early at 7pm. It was great to hear them play a new song. They also played my favorite song by them "DNC". They have a great balance of the bottom end and the guitars.

I talked to met all of the guys in the band and talked to most of them at one time or another during the evening. They are a blast to hang out with. I have some videos of their performance that i'll be posting on my youtube channel this week.

They have a new ep coming out and a new lp they are working on as well stay tuned to their site for details..


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