Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do it now... cover up with Earlove Earplugs

I am example #1 as to why you should use ear plugs. I have tinnitus in both ears and have lost the ability to hear the highest tone in my left ear. All of this is due to not having protection for my ears while going to hundreds of shows. Back in the early 90's, before the Internet, there was no way to know the exact extent of what damage could be done to your ears if you went to loud events and didn't wear ear protection. People assume that it is just the volume level of a show that can damage your hearing. It is more than this though. I my case it was shows that weren't excessively loud but the mix was bad. At a few shows that had bad mixes where the high end was too loud led to my ears start ringing from time to time. Now, I have a constant ringing. Nothing is going to help that.

Unfortunately when ear protection came out it was huge blocks of foam like substance that stopped you from hearing everything. That has changed in a big way. My friend August from Novo Entertainment a pair of earlove ear plugs and they are a marvel to me. They fit comfortably in your ears. You can still hear really well it's just as if someone turned down the volume level. I'll be taking my earlove plugs to all the shows I go to in the future. The plugs come with a plastic case that pinches open and also with a mini chain to attach to a belt loop. Very user friendly. Please check out their site and you can also purchase the plugs at Schubas!!!


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