Wednesday, August 4, 2010

T- Bird Magera at Tonic Room

I talked a bit with Tony (T-Bird) Magera at my first show at the Chopin. After emails back and forth he invited me to his set at the Tonic Room this past Thursday. I have head his music described as blues, but I would say it straddles the line between Americana and Blues with a good helping of folk story telling. Tony connects with the lyrics and sings an emotive brand of singer songwriter songs. He recently got married (Congrats!) and his wife was at the show as well who I had the pleasure of meeting. The song that jumped out at me was "Sally" which he wrote for his daughter to be. His wife is due soon, and congrats to both of them! Tony's eyes lit up when he played "Sally". It great to musicians connects with their lyrics! See Tony live.

Keep an eye out for an impending release by T-Bird soon. If everything goes well I hope to have him play a Dedicated Ears showcase soon. Also thanks to August Forte for the invite for this show. Contact August if you are in need of a promotions representative.


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