Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grip Tapes: Straight Outta NC

Grip Tapes is another label (based in North Carolina) that makes me look forward to listening to new music online every day. Their roster is Cassis Orange, The Alcazar Hotel, Veelee, Doctor, Gross Ghost, and Old Bricks. You can get FREE legal downloads of these and also choose to support them as well if you choose. As with many net-labels, the founders of this label tired of the way the music business ran, so they made their own label and rules. Cheers, I say.

<a href="">Listen Heartbeat by Cassis Orange</a>

Through my daily Bandcamp exploration/addiction I came across Cassis Orange who are named after a Japanese alcoholic drink.They are indie pop group from North Carolina comprised of Autumn Ehinger and her friends. Autumn lived in Japan for a while, which explains the band name, before returning to the states to live in N.C. She has put together an impressive first go on this ep. which is ebullient at times and yearning at others. "Listen Heartbeat" is the type of hook that you will not forget for quite some time. I love the drum breaks on this track. When things slow down a bit on "Oh So What" the songwriting comes to the front. "If you don't love me now , I'm never gonna love you back", Autumn says or maybe hopes rather. And so it is with matters of the heart. I have read recently that we are losing classic albums because people aren't holing up with uber producers for 12 months to produce so called masterpieces (which are mostly soulless anyway). The thinking is that self produced albums can't be classics. Thank god the musicians like Autumn have taken the music business back and it flourishes with albums like this one! Great hooks are great hooks whether backed by heavy hitter studio players or by a drum machine like on this album.


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