Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Family Feeling... the St. Louis Music Scene

I was able to visit St. Louis last year twice with my family. So I passed on the gratuitous photo of the arch and chose a photo of our favorite place to go, the St.Louis Zoo. Pictured is one of many metal sculptures that are on the outside of the gates. They are near life size and must be seen in person to truly appreciate them.

I think for me to write a post about the St Louis music scene, it's important to give those of you who haven't been there a feeling for the city and the folks that call it home. I have been to St. Louis 5 or 6 times total now and have enjoyed every trip. The people are always nice. They have the niceness of people from the South, but the pace of living is more uptempo than their counterparts in the South. The St. Louis arts community is strong. They have great museums that are affordable or free altogether. There is a family vibe to a lot of the city that spills out into the music scene which is influenced by folk, Americana and shades of Country and Bluegrass.

"Innocence" by Alone In India

St Louis has most of the things that make a music scene explode: great bands and venues, and they have their own indie publications that cater to the college students there that make for a strong fan base.

"The Dakotas" by Pretty Little Empire (Sweet Sweet Hands B-Side)

First and foremost it's about bands : Pretty Little Empire (pic below), Old Lights, Theodore , Wyoming Street, Alone In India, Blood Pony , Say Panther, Cassie Morgan and The Lonely Pine, and the Jump Starts to name a few. Most all of these are current bands and you can see them on a regular basis. I am friends with Justin Johnson from Pretty Little Empire. I scheduled a vacation to St. Louis around a concert of theirs at CBGB's. They were great live and they are really nice people.

The openers, Wyoming Street, played awesome as well. (Can't wait for the album Sam). I was turned on to some St. Louis bands by Justin, and others like Alone In India I came across on Eleven Magazine's site.

Mortar and Stone - Demos - Wyoming Street

Paper Leaves (master) - Cassie Morgan and The Lonely Pine

Eleven Magazine is an indie music publication and website that covers both local St. Louis artists as well as the international music scene. The first magazine of theirs I found the music of Old Lights, The Middle East and Alone In India. I check out their site often, and am tempted to get a subscription to their print magazine.

There are some really nice venues in St. Louis. The Fox Theatre is a beautiful theatre (pic) which has a great vibe. It has been restored and is a must see for music fans and architecture buffs as well.
CBGB's was a blast. Cheap beer and a decidedly rustic look. It's a neighborhood bar that happens to have a stage in it. The bands I am friends with in St.Louis like to play Pagaent, Firebird, and LEMP Arts Center.

Even though I feel like a bit of a travel show correspondent saying this, you need to check out the St. Louis music scene for bands like Theodore (pictured above). Visit because the city has so much to offer.


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