Friday, January 22, 2010

Netherfriends At Schubas 1.17.10

Shawn Rosenblatt is Netherfriends. Live he delivers his self referential pop songs with a lot of energy.He was nice enough to give me a video interview after his show at Schubas as well as let me video his band's performance. Check out my youtube channel to see the videos.

Shawn is going to write and record a song IN ALL 50 STATES over the next year! He is going to need a lot of help on his admirable adventure. I interviewed him and he's a down to Earth guy. If I lived in another part of the country I would help him out. Here is your chance to help some who is doing something that most of us who love music, wish we could. If you have friends who live in other parts of the country and they want to help, have them email Shawn.

Also Shawn has a new album coming out soon, so be on the lookout for it. He tells me about the making of it in our interview. There is a song from that album below here. he has also been added to the line-up of the Pitchfork Festival in July of 2010. Congrats Shawn, it's a well deserved high profile gig.


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