Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Science - The Coast Of Nowhere (ep)

The Coast of Nowhere is awash in classic early 80's post-punk. The addition of insightful lyrics and a wink and nod towards a shoe-gazer vibe make this ep wildly addictive pop music.

"My Career As A Ghost" starts off with subtle howl that gives way to an intermittent bass line and jazz flourishes on the percussion that give this song a depth not often found on pop songs.

As a fellow Chicagoan, it's great to see a Chicago band write "DNC", a song about the 68 Democratic National Convention. To keep the politics low here I will say that this was at the very least an incredibly complex event that shaped many of the things that were to come later in the city much the way the Great Fire did. There are some great 80's new wave flags being waved on this song. The vocals with the slight echo which gives way towards the end of the song to a high register wail . The little chugging guitar riffs and the driving percussion matched equally by the bouncing bass line. 'Everyone always talks off the future,in big block letters and social sutures.'

' You're the last of the world class air conditioning connoisseurs,' opens " World Class AC" set against a simple piano line. Visions of U2's Boy and October are evoked on this simple but lush track. The open spaces on the quieter passes of this song works well as rising action when set against the complete full sound towards the end of the song that is the climax.

The title track closes out the ep. The driving jazz influenced percussion and soaring vocals make for a high energysong. This is reminiscent of so many early 80's tunes ,by groups like Big Country, that seem to be larger than life. A full production leads to a big sound.

Big Science has balanced their influences of post-punk and new wave to create their own hybrid that has interesting lyrics as well as big hooks. The band is tight and all members are integral to the full sound on The Coast Of Nowhere. There is a vibrant music scene in Chicago at present thanks to bands like Big Science.

Check their site out at Big Science to get their music and concert dates.

Congrats to the guys for signing to AEMMP records!


Zach said...

Love this blog always able to show me good new music in the indie rock scene after first checking out to read this Big Science Post.

Look out for the Skyscraper Sound coming on AEMMP Records in Mid-May this year. Lazer Cut 12 inch EP featuring tracks "Stairs Up Stairs Down", "Basement Lights", "1000 Years", "Flags", and "Burn All night".

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Glad to know more stuff about Big Science. I've heard them from a friend.

Online Music said...

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