Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hemmingbirds Beat Kitchen Show and 'Perpetuator' Video

Hemmingbirds invited me out to their show at Beat Kitchen on June 14th. They played quite a few new songs including the 'Perpetuator', which has an infectious guitar hook. Some of these new songs have some huge crunching guitars and I am excited to hear them on the album the guys are tracking now! It's fun to see a band perform over a course of years and see them just get tighter and tighter knit like these guys have. Thanks to the guys for the invite! See them play live.  I also enjoyed the set by Champaign band Dirty Feathers a nice psych pop/progressive/soul mash up, and also Brooklyn indie rockers Shake The Baron.

Here is Hemmingbirds  video for 'Perpetuator' with a straight ahead but effective story line.  The lights are a nice touch.


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