Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mutts CD Release, Glittermouse EP Release, Sleepy Kitty and Hemmingbirds Thur Dec 1 Subterranean

Thanks to August at Novo and to Mutts for the invite. This was a loud fun show full of energy and the house was pretty full and very energetic .  Sleepy Kitty's  indie blues pop  sound was pretty catchy and a band you should check out. Glittermouse also released an ep and played a really nice se as they played a brand of prog indie music that was driven by 3 guitars. you should check out their  ep series that they released this year. Hemmingbirds never disappoints and played a few songs from the new album they are working on. They seem to get tighter and tighter. Always enjoy talking with them. Finally Mutts closed out the show playing a bunch of songs from the new album due out very soon. The album is really good and adds some new sound elements to the Mutts musical oeuvre. I will be doing a review very soon. Always a good time talking with Mike and the band. You can buy a vinyl of his new album, info is on his FB page. There are always so many musicians at Mutts shows and it's fun to talk to all of them. Unfortunately I don't have the best memory, and beer doesn't help matters. So hi to all of them. It was a great time and I would suggest seeing all of these bands.


Pinto and the Bean said...

Hi to you too. Twas a fun night

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