Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Ragtones, Hemmingbirds, Mendelssohn, Shy Technology at Lincoln Hall March 16 2011

 Thanks again to Betta Promotions and Yoo Soo from the Hemmingbirds for the invite to the show.  This show is the tightest I've heard the Hemmingbirds. They have both quiet and loud portions that bookend one another, so this is sometimes a problem at some venues to get the right balance.  Lincoln Hall got the sound right.  A real treat were the quality of the harmonies and they showed them off a bit on their brief cover of The Beach Boys, "Wouldn't It Be Nice".  Also they played two new original songs, one of which had a bit of a blues feel to it, and the other was mostly acoustic. I look forward to hearing more new songs. The crowd was just as impressed as I was and cheered loudly for the band.

Also of note to me was Medelssohn, whose free download album is below, I didn't get a chance to post it before . They had a full compliment that featured uke, mandolin, banjo and trumpet among the many instruments that were played. To be hones, their live show sound stood out to me more than the album.  There's is something about seeing certain instruments live that really sound different then when they are in a mix on an album. They had a bit of a jam band feel at times and had a communal feel to their overall sound. So download the album then see them live around Chicago.

It was nice seeing and talking to Mike Maimone who will be playing an acoustic piano set at Reggie's soon. I will have a post on my fb page for that.


Pinto and the Bean said...

You're right about Lincoln Hall's sound. They had it just right. In fact, we were really surprised at how great the music overall sounded that night.

Jay Furr said...

Just downloaded... i really like Lincoln Halls sound. Pure Dopeness

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