Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mutts, Brontosaurus, Pretty Little Empire, and Zach Pietrini and The Broke Bones Jan 18 Double Door FREE

This show marks the first time Dedicated Ears will be a sole presenter for another  Betta Promotions FREE Show . This Tuesday, Jan 18th, doors at 7:30, 21+ to enter,  featuring : Mutts, Brontosaurus, Pretty Little Empire, and Zach Pietrini and The Broken Bones.  I would like to thank Rebecca and her whole crew, and look forward to working with them.  Betta have been putting on free shows all month long! 

Headlining the bill are Mutts, Mike Maimone's tight band with the grumbling bottom end. The band has branched out on their recent, awesome, FREE download-able The Tells Of Parallel  which is more experimental.  I have been to quite a few of their shows and their live set is always evolving.

The two headed monster duo of Brontosaurus are a treat live. They play a progressive indie brand of rock that is a sight to behold live. They shuffle around instruments to come up with a big sound for having just two members.

If you follow this blog at all you know of my love of Pretty Little Empire and their new album Reasons and Rooms, which topped my most listened to list for 2010. They are continually growing as a band and really solidified their sound with the addition of their new/awesome drummer Evan O'neal.  They have multiple capable members who sing lead. They only make it to Chicago a few times a year, so see them now.

Also on the bill is Zach Pietrini and The Broken Bones who I have not seen yet, but I look forward to seeing them on Tuesday.  So please come out and support these great bands and get in for FREE.


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