Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adam Ashbach -Puzzle Pieces (Album Rview)

Adam Ashbach's voice is the calling card for Puzzle Pieces. The Ex - Musical Outfits front-man knows how to use the full range of his voice to create pop songs that stand out. There is a clean full production throughout this ep.

The build-up of Adam's vocals on "8 Years With Betty" go from a quiet statement to a loud plea.

Flourishes of marching drum beats are strategically placed in smart fashion on "Everything", the stand-out track on this ep. The backing falsetto vocals and sax give this songs soulful quality that is in the tradition of 70's Mowtown.

"Warning" is a contemplative love song that uses the warm tone of Adam's vocals as a blanket to cover the minimal instrumentation. There is a beautiful simple vibe here that works well.

This is just an ep, so I am interested to see if there are more songs coming. For my money the tracks that use less traditional means work the best here. Adam is a good songwriter who emotionally connects with his lyrics . It is his earnest approach to these songs that connect with the listener the most.

Check Adam out at Puzzle Pieces and Adam's Myspace and also a free download of Adams song.

I will be attending the Novo artists show at the great venue Schubas to see Adam, Welcome To Ashley and Red Light Driver. Come on out and see some great indie bands!


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